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photographer & graphic designer

Jason Geeves

15 years experience within the creative industry.

There is a lot of crossover between the disciplines of aerial photography and design, but both are rooted with a love for being creative. I enjoy very much the opportunity to combine different creative outputs and with SKOPA there is certainly opportunity to do that, hopefully resulting in unique content which can work for your brand or business.

photographer & engineer

Adam Rees

A practical builder who can make things work.

With a degree in engineering and an eye for photography Adam is one of those rare people who combines creativity and practicality, if something requires constructing or planning he’s the man for the job.

Some brands we've worked with

Why Choose Us?


We love what we do, hopefully it shows in the work we create.


With 14 years of experience in the creative field you can feel confident we will help to maximise your project.

All in one place

Sometimes its easier having everything in one place, with one overview of your project. The good news we are equipped to provide a full creative solution to a pjoject when required.

Eye For detail

Whether your taking aerial shots or photographing from ground level, the basics for a good image are still the same. We like to think we’ve got that covered.


Despite the surge in drone popularity any commercial aerial work can only be completed by qualified PFCO holders.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure is competitive and always flexible, if you have a budget to work lets disccuss how to make it work.